Freya Fairwood


A mix of magic and mystery, this first book in Freya Fairwood's

Wildwoods trilogy begins with Tula Birchall's car accident near the little village of Oakdale.

This event has life-changing consequences for Tula as she is gradually drawn into a looming fight to save Blakedon Forest, the last pristine forest left on the planet. Along the way she discovers a mysterious portrait which leads her to family she did not know she had, and a

search for her identity

"...It is a delight to find a novel with a doughty main character of Tula's calibre.  Wildwoods:Grief is a grand read for anyone who wants a story of mystery with a touch of the uncanny..." (Sally Odgers)

                           About the Author

With my two dogs I live on my larger than average block which has allowed me to plant many trees over the years.  Apart from writing, I love gardening, although my garden at present is wild and rambling, and it is providing food and shelter to at least one Southern Brown Bandicoot.

Wildwoods:Grief is my first novel.  I have been working on this triology for many years, I hope to have the second book, Wildwoods:Greed published by the end of this year or early next year.