Wendy Laing has been a member of SWWT since 2008.  She has been a committee member, President and Secretary, and is currently Competition Coordinator and Stylus editor. She runs the Deloraine Writers Group , writes articles for the Meander Valley Gazette, and narrates stories about the Meander Valley during the 1800s called ‘Footsteps Through Time’ for the local radio station.

Wendy's books are published by MoshPit Publishing, Hazelbrook NSW and are available on indiemosh.com 

Email: wendylaing02@gmail.com     

Website: www.wendylaingwriter


Sudden deaths and strange accidents have been occurring at the Mountain View Residential Manor in Kinross. A small town in Northern Tasmania. Sergeant Plate believes that because of the residents' advanced years and dependence on medication these are not unusual occurrences.

However, Dimpy Gruar, a sprightly but clumsy seventy-plus lady, and her friends, Judith Milner and Ronni Goodman, are convinced there is a murderer living in the Manor. Although she is trying to get her novella written, Dimpy is determined to reveal the identity of the killer and sets out to investigate ... before she, too, becomes a victim.


Memoirs of an Arresting Woman is the fictionalised story of Constable Laurie McKenzie, a policewoman in the Northern Territory during the early 1960s.

When she arrives in Darwin, Laurie is told that because they thought she was a man, she will be the first female to become a constable in the Northern Territory Police Force.

Laurie is posted to the small outback town of Rabbit Creek, where she deals with, among other things, murders, suicide, a wife-beater and crocodile poachers as she strives to earn the respect of the townspeople and her male colleagues.

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