The meeting dates for the remainder of 2022 are:

Monday 4 July

Monday 1 August

Monday 5 September

Monday 3 October

Monday 14 November 

Monday 5 December


Meetings are from 9.30am until 12.00 and are held on the second floor of Launceston library.

Newcomers are very welcome to join the meetings.




Minutes of the Women’s Writers Group Meeting
Meeting held at the Launceston Library - Second Floor, Room 1

Monday 4 th July 2022

Meeting opened at 9 .07 am
Acting for the Presidency as Chair of the Meeting, Wendy Laing
Acknowledgement of the Peoples of the Land.
Present at the Meeting.
Wendy Laing, Madeline Colam, Andrea Sindorf, Laura Sykes, Maria Webster, Kathy Duff, Liz
Dobell, Sandy Long, Evelyn Butler, Annette Clark
Mena Essex, Ros Sydes, Mary Farr, Janet Berry, Erin Eiffe, Liz Russell Arnott, Ruth
Williams, Karen Wilson, Phil Archer
Two New Members joined the group today…
Evelyn Butler and Sandy Long.
Those members who had prepared Homework on the topic given ‘Ancestors’ were -
Madeline Colam, Liz Dobell, Maria Webster, Andrea Sindoff, Kathy Duff, Sandy Long.
Wendy Laing and Annette Clark… all of whom presented very interesting short stories (both
verbal and written) from their family’s collection of Ancestorial Histories.
Homework for next meeting
The theme for August’s Short story/Poem was suggested by Wendy to be the same as the
Poetry competition, that being ANIMALS…. both great and small.
General Business
 Annette Clark presented to be tabled, a copy of the Valley and East Coast Voice
bi- monthly paper which covers the East Coast of Tasmania. Annette had one of her
short stories published in this paper, and suggested there was a place out there in the
small publication field, for those interested in becoming published authors - without
the publishing costs involved with being published. She has been asked to submit
more of her short stories to the Editor to become a regular article of inclusion in the
paper, and suggested that those interested use the contact details to submit their
works to be included in the paper as well.

 The Short Story Competition closed on 31 st June 2022. It had been suggested that the
Topic chosen, that of JOY was perhaps a little off putting to those male Authors who
were regular contributors to the competitions, possibly the reason that there were
only two men who submitted stories. There were 27 Short Stories submitted to the
competition and Wendy called for 3 people who would like to participate in the
reading and placing of the entries for the competition. Thanks goes to these three
ladies accepted to complete this task.

Liz Dobell
Andrea Sindoff
Evelyn Butler
These three ladies were given the guidelines to help them as they read and place the 9
stories, then they will email Wendy the results.
 Maria Webster was the winner of the Raffle today.
 The Alice Awards will take place on Wednesday 9 th November in New South Wales
and the Candidates with be guests of the NSW Branch at a Luncheon, expenses paid.
{unlike other years when the candidates elected had to cover their own expenses}

 Wendy read out a brief synopsis compiled of the 5 candidates nominated. She will be
sending out a Newsy News soon, with details of each of the 5 nominees for the Alice
Award, plus a voting slip. Members wishing to vote can do so from the information
on each author, and return their decisions to Wendy by Sunday 31 st July. For your
vote to be accepted you must number each candidate in order of your choice from 1-5.
Christina Booth is our submission from Tasmania, but all candidates are worthy of
this Prize.
 The Poetry competition is now open and poems will be accepted. See Wendy’s Newsy
News for more details…the chosen Topic is ANIMALS.
***NOTE of Congratulations.
Wendy Laing has been invited to showcase her new novel at the Huon Valley Festival of
Writers and Readers Crime and Mystery in the Story Exhibition section and invited to be a
guest at the said Festival to be held over two weeks in September 2022. Well done and
Congratulations Wendy.
There was a small window of time left for a written meeting exercise. Wendy gave us the
topic of choosing any item on the tables we were sitting at, then write a short story or poem
in the time left. A Wonderful collection of inspired writings emerged.
9 Next meeting
Our next meeting will be held at the same venue on August 1 st 2022 and will be Chaired by
the Vice President Liz Russel Arnot.
This will be a general meeting followed by a committee meeting.
Meeting closed at 11.55 am

**A big thanks to Annette for taking the minutes, and Wendy for chairing the meeting


Society of Women Writers Inc.

Minutes : General Meeting : Monday 6 th June 2022 : Launceston Library

General Meeting opened 9.45am

Acknowledgement of custodians of the land, past present and future.
Present – Mary Farr; Ruth Williams; Andrea Sindorf; Kathy Duff; Maria Webster; Laura Sykes; Liz
Dobell; Madeline Colam; Annette Clark; Yvonne Gluyas; Wendy Laing; Mina Essex; Catherine
Marshall; Janet Berry. Also, our guest speaker Lynne Edmonson, her mother Yvonne and her
friend Anorara.
Apologies – Liz Russell-Arnot, Phillip Archer
Homework – The Rotted Road – some clever and masterful essays read out by members, some giving
us a laugh, others poignant and moving. The quality of writing continues to improve and
impress. Please look out for some of them in the next Stylus.
Homework for July meet – ‘Family Legends’ Don’t forget, if you can’t attend you may send yours to
the committee, to be read out on your behalf, and submitted to Stylus. (While Liz was unable
to attend, she provided a copy to Yvonne and her poem was read around the table. Also, Phil
who was unable to attend has sent his ‘Rotted Road’ for Stylus.)
Break/raffle – 2 prizes today. Won by Catherine and Annette.
Guest Speaker: Our Guest Speaker, Yvonne Edmonson, spoke passionately about her and her
community’s trials during the recent horrendous and catastrophic floods in Lismore, N.S.W.
We thank Yvonne for sharing her observations, memories and her emotions about her
experience. She also shared her work with us, ranging from paintings through to hand painted
gift cards. She is a member of the Blue Knobs Writer’s Group and kindly gifted us their recently
published anthology titled The Future Divine. It was decided that a swap of member’s stories
would be pursued in the future.
Meeting closed 11.20am. next general meeting Monday July 4 th 2022

Committee meeting Opened 11.22am
Present – Mary Farr; Ruth Williams; Andrea Sindorf; Kathy Duff; Maria Webster; Laura Sykes; Liz
Dobell; Madeline Colam; Annette Clark; Yvonne Gluyas; Wendy Laing; Mina Essex; Janet Berry.
Guest speaker Lynne Edmonson, her mother Yvonne and her friend Anorara.
Apologies - Liz Russell-Arnot, Catherine Marshall
Minutes of last meeting – moved and accepted by Ruth seconded by Wendy
Committee reports
President: Ruth preparing documents for archiving, including the recent sub-committee for
Constitution/Rules notes from Ros which she will compile, and also provide short summary for
Committee’s consideration (as part of proposed welcome package).
Secretary Mary – no outgoing mail. Incoming – Ros Sydes’ new address. All relevant information for
the upcoming AGM is now being collated and typed ready to send to members after the
August meeting.
Many emails between the President, Membership Officer and the Secretary to finalise
changes and duties relating to the temporary Treasurer position.
Treasurer shared (Ruth, Mary, Kathy)– Cheque for $82.50 sent to Education Dept for room rental.
$36.00 banked from petty cash (room hire/raffle, jam sales); Receipt noted for $87.00 re
flowers for Ros Sydes. Awaiting bank statements for May 2022.

Membership Officer there are 31 paid members. One new membership payment – Liz Dobell $25.00
A reminder that annual fees $25.00 are due again next month. Please use application forms,
found on the last page of Stylus, or contact us to send/email you a form.
There are 3 ways to pay –
1. Cheque written out to The Society of Women Writers, Tasmania Inc posted to
Membership Officer Kathy Duff, PO 446 Kings Meadows, 7249 Tasmania
2. Pay direct debit to: Society of Women Writers Tasmania; Commonwealth Bank of
Australia: BSB 067601; Account number 10168834 Please ensure that your name and the
word membership appear on the deposit line
3. Pay cash at a coming meeting
Facebook Co-Ordinator Janet will place all coming meeting dates up until December 2022 on the
web/facebook, and publicise the current competition as closing date looms; Yvonne to
provide a ‘meme’ for the facebook page regarding this.
Publicity Officer – Yvonne is looking into producing updated cards and posters to promote our
SWWT. She also envisages a welcome pack for all new members to receive. She suggested we
compile a tasteful folder where each SWWT member is presented. A photo and a brief ‘blurb’
is to be given one page per member in this folder.
Events Co-Ordinator Wendy reminds us that the Rose Francombe Short Story competition is to close
on 30 th June 2022.
Other Business
Alice Award : Ruth noted that our nomination submission for Christina Booth (with Wendy and
Ruth) had been received by the host society, Society of Women Writers NSW Inc.; and that
NSW will send out to each society all of the 5 submissions later this month. Wendy spoke of
the need to discuss each nominee at the next meeting, and arrangements for those members
not present to contribute to our voting slip, which must reach NSW Society at the latest by
August 12. The result will be announced at the gala awards luncheon in Sydney Wednesday 9
November 2022
Events : Yvonne told us about the Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell Tribute concert she is
organizing on September 10 th ; and The Poetry Festival Weekend 1 st and 2 nd October. Please
contact Yvonne for further information on 0413321834.
SWWT Anthology Planning : The sub-committee will hold a meeting soon. As well as our Guest
Speaker’s experience in their Blue Knob anthology, Mena talked on the poetry anthology
‘Beyond the Chocolate Box’ from a previous Latrobe Chocolate Festival.
Annual General Meeting to be held Monday September 5, 2022. All relevant information
regarding the process of nominations etc will be sent to members one month prior to the
meeting; as well as part of summary of Rules Ruth will put to the Committee Meeting as part
of welcome package.
Meeting closed : 11.50am
Photo Op : After the meetings a Q&A with Guest Speaker Lynne Edmonson and thanks given by the
Society and photograph session.
Next Committee Meeting : one month prior to AGM




Women Writers of Tasmania

Minutes of May meeting 2022



  • General Meeting opened 9.40am


Present Mary Farr; Ruth Williams; Catherine Marshall; Kathy Duff; Wendy Laing; Yvonne Gluyas; Annette Clark; Madeline Colam; Laura Sykes; Andrea Sindorf; Liz Russell-Arnott; Mena Essex; Liz Dobell


Apologies Erin Eiffe; Maria Webster; Robyn Mathison; Janet Berry; Ros Sydes


Homework – articles on the topic COAL were read out. Apparently, this choice had a few people stumped, (sorry folks!) but all stories were great! Next month (read carefully) is the rotted road, courtesy of Annette’s terrible diction when reading her entry?!

Anyone not able to attend meetings is encouraged to email/post their contributions through and we can read them out. Many of these stories will go into Wendy’s Stylus/newsy-news newsletters.


Break and raffle – won by Ruth who will bring next month’s prize.


General Business

  • Alice Award – Our Tasmanian entrant, Christina Booth, has sent Ruth her updated biography, and while Ruth wasn’t able to work ‘face-time’, we contacted her by phone on loudspeaker. Ruth deferred to Wendy’s previous expertise on preparing the submission which is due to be sent to Jan Conway in NSW by May 13th . Last year the Award was postponed due to covid.
  • Constitution report – is in abeyance whilst we wait for Ros to return to meetings.
  • Anthology – Yvonne will organize a sub-committee meeting soon, to discuss content; cover; publishing etc


Meeting closed 11.10am


  • Extraordinary SWWT committee meeting (present and apologies - all the above)


Meeting opened 11.10am


Held to discuss the recent resignation of Ros Sydes from her positions of Treasurer and Public Officer


  • Public Officer – Wendy Laing accepted this position until the next SWWT AGM. Passed, Ruth Williams; seconded Annette Clark
  • Treasurer’s position – will be shared by Ruth Williams and Mary Farr until the next AGM (in September 2022) passed Kathy Duff; seconded Wendy Laing
  • Ex treasurer Jane Waite emailed Mary with a generous offer of help to the new incumbent.
  • The Commonwealth Bank has requested a copy of these minutes, signed by committee members.
  • Ruth was told by the banks a signed copy of these minutes was needed in order to change account details.

Extraordinary meeting closed 11.20am




While we were at it – we had time to:-

  • Create another position. Yvonne Gluyas nominated as Publicity Officer. Passed, Ruth Williams; seconded Annette Clark.
  • Complete the ‘Favourite Toy’ written exercise which were also great to listen to.


Flowers a unanimous decision was made for Kathy to purchase flowers for Ros. We all send her our thoughts and best wishes.   


Meeting Closed 11.50am



Signed by committee member


Name                                                                                      Signature




Signed by committee member –


Name                                                                                     Signature






Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

Meeting held on April 11th 2022

State Library Launceston

General meeting opened 9.40am

Recognition of indigenous owners of the land

Present – Mary Farr; Madeline Colam; Philip Archer; Yvonne Gluyas; Maria Webster; Janet Berry; Ruth Williams; Catherine Marshall; Laura Sykes; Wendy Laing; Kathy Duff; Andrea Sindorf; Annette Clark; Liz Dobell

Apologies – Ros Sydes; Jane Waite; Robyn Mathison; Erin Eiffe; Mena Essex; Jacqueline Londsdale Ceurton

Homeworkfor this month was “Tablecloth”, which delivered some wonderful stories, both funny and intriguing. Some may appear in the next Stylus. Homework for our May meeting is Coal

General Business

  • Constitution – another sub-committee meeting will take place between now and the May meeting. A report will be given then.

  • Anthology – A sub-committee has been established to kick start this project off. Members are: Ruth Williams; Yvonne Gluyas; Philip Archer; Annette Clark; Andrea Sindorf. Our anthology will consist of stories from members, of 500 words or under. There is no set theme. When the book is produced a price will be placed on it. Meeting to be held soon.

Raffle won by Maria It raised $16.00, which Mary will give to Ros asap (note too, that the room hire donations were $27.00, which Wendy will give to Ros asap).

Easter – Thanks very much Andrea for your delicious easter treats to go with morning tea. Yum yum! 

General Meeting closed – 10.35am


Committee meeting opened – 10.50am

Present – as above (general meeting)

Apologies – as above (general meeting)

Minutes of last meeting – read and accepted by Philip Archer; 2nded Annette Clark.

No business arising


  • President – Christina Booth is still happy to be the SWWT’s applicant for the coming Alice Award. She is to send Ruth an update of her ‘resume’.

  • Secretary – after our guest speaker Toby from Quixotic books spoke, he forwarded us some information, to be passed on to Janet for our facebook/website, and to Ruth as President.

  • Treasurer – Ros sent through the latest bank account figures. They are – Commonwealth Bank account 10168834 balance of $3631.14 as of March 31st: TPT Wealth Investor account 4188850 stands at $2245.79 as of March 31st.

  • Events Co-Ordinator – The Rose Frankcombe Short Story competition closes on June 30th 2022. The theme is ‘Joy” and it needs to be 1.500 words or under. See our facebook page for more info. 

  • Website/Facebook Co-ordinator Janet will readvertise the short story comp. It was noted that SWWT do not provide space for any private/business paid adverts, however, we can write about a guest speaker’s business in the course of a speaker report.

  • Membership officer currently 30 which includes one new member this month.

Other Business – none

Meeting closed 11.05am.

Foot and Playsted – members walked around the corner to participate in a tour of the old theatre, which now houses Foot and Playsted printing. Thanks to Ruth for organizing it. 

Next meeting – May 2nd 2022 at the State Library Level 2 room 1. 9.30am – 12.00 noon




Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

General meeting 

held on 8.3.2022 at the Launceston Library Level 2 Room 1 

Meeting opened 9.42am

We recognised the original/traditional owners of the land

Present Mary Farr; Ruth Williams; Kathy Duff; Mena Essex; Maria Webster; Janet Berry; Andrea Sindorf; Ros Sydes; Annette Clark; Sharon Yaxley; Madeline Colam; Wendy Laing; Laura Sykes; Yvonne Gluyas; Philip Archer; Liz Russell-Arnot; Jo Saunderson 

Apologies Erin Eiffe; Robyn Mathison; Jane Waite

Helen’s poem Our member Helen Brumby sent a poem for the January meeting titled “Welcome Home”. Mary read it out and apologizes for the month’s delay, Helen. 

Homework today’s title was Romance. Some excellent stories (sad, funny and thought -provoking) were read out, some to appear in the next Stylus. **Don’t forget, if you can’t make it to a meeting, we can always read it out on your behalf. 

Next month’s homework ‘Tablecloth’

Birthday’s  - Ruth’s birthday this month, thanks for the delicious cakes and chockies!

Guest Speaker

We welcomed Tony Wools-Cobb as our guest speaker today.

Tony opened the bookshop ‘Quixotic Books’ just over a year ago, at 109 Brisbane Street, level 1 Launceston (there is a lift). The shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 9.30am and 6.00pm. There is a reading room there for your comfort, and also a meeting room for a very small hire fee.

Tony’s business emerged from his love of books, both fiction and non-fiction, and his realization that Tasmania lacks a source for unusual, rare or hard to locate books (in-fact there is only one similar service in Australia!). Tony holds many of these on his shelves as well as offering a specialist service to track them down. 

Tony is well versed in many aspects of writing, and holds a number of degrees and diplomas in such areas as archeology, librarianship and creative writing. 

His enthusiasm was catching as he spoke to us, and questions followed covering many related topics. Tony is locally involved with theatre and Yvonne’s poetry group/events too. He joined us in the meeting’s written exercise as well as Ruth’s morning tea!  

Please contact Tony on 0457864495 or info@quixoticbooks.com.au  for further information on any of the above. Or call in and view his private/family walking stick collection!

SWWT thanked him with a small gift and card.  

Literary Prize Our member Sharon Yaxley showed us her certificate, received for the Nancy Donkin Literacy Award 2021, nominated by SWWT. Sharon received a ‘highly commended’ certificate as a children’s author. Sharon also showed us a copy of her latest children’s book, which is now being edited etc. called ‘In Nan’s Garden’. Well done, Sharon. 

Raffle won by Wendy

Alice Award – After a delay due to covid lockdowns etc, this award will go ahead again. We had nominated writer Christina Booth, so will re-enter her for 2022. Entries close in June. 

SWWT Constitution update Ros read out comments and recommendations addressing some constitution points, sent from members in response to the invitation to do so in February. The sub-committee will have one more meeting before our next committee meeting, where final decisions will be noted for approval. 

Events Co-ordinator The short story competition for 2022, entitled “Joy”, is now open. Information to be found on the SWWT website/facebook page, and will appear in the next Stylus edition. Or please contact Wendy on wendylaing02@gmail.com  

Wendy is hoping to ‘retire’ from her role, so anyone willing to take it over completely, or join a sort of sub committee to help her out is very welcome to do so. Please let me know, and I’ll liaise with her. mary.farr1949@outlook.com 

Written exercise A written exercise followed, where each member gave their neighbour a word. This word formed the inspiration for a ten-minute writing stint. It was amazing how many different styles and topics were produced.

Meeting closed 11.59am

Next meeting Monday 4th April 2022 same place, same time, batman!



Society of Women Writers Tasmania 


Minutes of meeting for 7 February 2022

Meeting opened 9.45am

Present Madeline Colam, Annette Clark, Kathy Duff, Liz Russell-Arnot, Ruth Williams, Ros Sydes, Wendy Laing, Andrea Sindorff, Philip Archer, Laura Sykes, Janet Berry, Maria Webster

Apologies Mary Farr, Jane Waite

Homework members read their contributions (topic – travel) around the table with Wendy gladly accepting these contributions as well as other writings/poems for Stylus, due out in April.

March homework topic “Romance”

Raffle – Philip won the raffle

General Business

  1. The work of the SWWT constitution update sub-committee (Ros, Madeline, Ruth) which met twice during January was discussed, with copies of the suggested changes given to members for a member’s discussion and possible acceptance of changes after March’s General Meeting. Vice President Liz queried the removal of 25 (i) to (h) as an example of input from the rest of the Society as to suggested changes. A printout of the constitution with amendments has been handed to all our members present today, to peruse and make comment or recommendations at the March 7th meeting. The constitution with agreed changes will then be submitted to the State body for the updated acceptance.

(Madeline to provide Ruth with a memory stick of the constitution with possible changes - to be sent to Secretary, who will distribute to all other members not present today, via email and post)

  1. Public Officer discussed quotes from Officeworks as to creating a Company seal; 2 quotes of which the self-inking stamp was decided to be the correct product. Moved by Wendy, seconded by Ruth that $100.00 be provided for purchase of same.
  2. Auditing of SWWT books is not required for taxation purposes as the revenue of SWWT does not exceed $250,000.00

General meeting closed around 11.15am


SWWT committee meeting

Opened 11.16am

Present Madeline Colam; Annette Clark; Kathy Duff; Liz Russell-Arnot; Ruth Williams; Ros Sydes; Wendy Laing; Andrea Sindorff; Philip Archer; Laura Sykes; Janet Berry; Maria Webster

Apologies Mary Farr, Jane Waite

Previous minutes delayed until next meeting.

Note – President will compile folder of the year’s agenda/minutes of meetings and other paperwork to bring to each meeting and apologies to SWWT for not having thought of this earlier.

Secretary’s report  delayed until next meeting as absent due to ill health, (so far noted by Secretary to discuss – letter from Robyn Mathison; email from Sharon Yaxley)

Membership report

  • Current paid membership 28. One application pending
  • discussion about possibility of generic mailing list of society members used by all who send out mail. Liz advised she does not receive emails from SWWT and asked for members to check if they have her correct email address – nerreman@yahoo.com
  • Put your thinking caps on as to how we could create a group email for us all to use.

Competition report

  • It was agreed the theme for the next short story competition be “JOY”. The same theme to be used for the poetry competition.
  • Wendy detailed winners of the recent poetry competition of which there were 74 entries. The winning poem was read out to members by Wendy.
  • Wendy also outlined the competition responsibilities, and that she welcomes expressions of interest as to another member taking her role over.

Treasurer’s Report

  • CBA account number 10168834 - $3,725.98 as of December 31st 2021
  • Deposits - $648.00
  • Payments – 496.45
  • TPT Wealth Investor account number 4188850 - $2,243.76 as of December 31st 2021

(Treasurer’s report filed by Secretary)

Web/facebook report

Janet reported that the facebook page now has 144 followers. She would like more members to share their achievements as writers on the web page.

Please let Janet know of any contributions and send them to her. The web site is simple to use, it is quite old and must be kept up to date.

We should all refer to it, and facebook.

Meeting closed 11.50am

Next Meeting  Monday 7th March 2022 same venue.




Minutes of Meeting : December 6, 2021 

Launceston Library, Meeting Room 1 

Meeting Opened at 9.45am 

Those Attending : Liz Russell-Arnott, Philomena (Mena) Essex, Yvonne Gluyas,  Madeline Colum, Wendy Laing, Andrea Sindorff, Maria Webster, Laura Sykes, Ruth  Williams, Phillip Archer, Kathy Duff, Annette Clark, Ros Sydes 

Apologies received : Mary Farr (Annette Clark acted as Secretary in her absence ), Janet  Berry, Catherine Marshall, Robyn Mathieson. 

Homework : round-the-table readings by:- Mena, Annette, Ruth, Andrea, Maria, Laura,  Wendy, Madeline, Yvonne and Phillip. 

• Wendy asked for copies of our work for the next issue of Stylus in February. • Homework topic for next meeting : Travel ( even if to the bottom of the garden ! ) 

Coffee break – purchase of Raffle Tickets. 

Raffle was drawn twice; first by Jane, second by Mena with Annette and Maria the  respective recipients. Annette to bring the Raffle prize for February’s meeting. 

General Business 

Discussion of wording of our Welcome to Country : currently “ We acknowledge the past  present and future custodians of the land “ .. Yvonne will email the President with another  example. 

President mentioned an email from Arisa Kajiyama, about a Q&A for the New York Film  Academy’ Australia's Online Screenwriting Diploma that she had only read after the fact.  Discussion ensued that many of these are advertisements for expensive courses.  

Annette made the Short List of the current Poetry Competition. 

Constitution Amendment Committee: President asked for volunteers to look at the update of  the Constitution : Ros, Madeline, Ruth : with Madeline Chairperson. The committee to  meet sometime in January and report back to the February meeting so that the changes  can be ratified as an Amendment to the Constitution by the Society. Discussion included  Wendy’s advice to the Committee as well as historical background, Jane’s confirmation  that we are a registered non-profit organisation, and Madeline’s suggestion that we create  a Mission Statement for the Society. The Amendment to include a clause to clarify  Associate Members status. 

Yvonne announced details of the Tasmanian Poetry Competition, March 19th-27th, based  around the Grand Chancellor, Launceston; including a Tribute Show featuring artists  performing songs by Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. 

Enquiries as to Wendy’s murder mystery series; The Manor. First book of the series has sold  out; second book ( as per Stylus ) to be available very early in 2022. 

Meeting Closed at 11.10am to allow easy pack-up, confirmation of the latest COVID19  restrictions, and stroll over to The Plough for End of Year Lunch and Secret Santa.



Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

Minutes of meeting held 8.11.2021 at Launceston Library Tas

Present Ruth Williams; Ros Sydes; Kathy Duff; Andrea Sindorff; Maria Webster; Laura Sykes; Madeline Colam; Philip Archer; Wendy Laing; Mary Farr; Yvonne Gluyas; Annette Clark

Apologies Catherine Marshall; Liz Russell-Arnott; Janet Berry; Robyn Mathison

Meeting opened 9.40am

Homework Lots of homework, eliciting some good discussion about Tasmanian history and the environment.

Homework for next meeting  FOOD with a Christmas theme. (Remember, if you can’t attend the meeting you can always ask someone else to read it out for you. Then whoever wishes can enter it for Stylus).

Cuppa and the raffle, won by Ruth

Written exercise – we were asked to pick the first word that jumped out at us off any piece of writing we had, then incorporate it into a short, written exercise. Some interesting and amusing stories!

Discussion and news

  • Sharon Yaxley-Booth, (who was our guest speaker recently) was recently accepted as a nominee for the Nancy Donkin Children’s Book Writers Award, which Annette, on behalf of SWWT submitted. Sharon has been given a ‘highly commended’ Certificate. Congratulations Sharon. She will become a regular attendee at our meetings next year.
  • Our President Ruth Williams, has set up a SWWT email address, especially for our correspondence. It is – swwtpresident@iinet.net.au
  • The SWWT poetry competition, co-ordinated by Wendy, received 44 entries, which included 74 poems!! They will now be judged. Three chosen SWWT members will short list them, then the finals and awards will be judged by our Patron, Sally Odgers. Prizes are 1st $100.00; 2nd $50.00; 3rd $20.00 and highly commended and commended.
  •  All notifications of competitions from other SWW state orgs. Can be directed to Janet for notification on the web or facebook, without having to passed through committee first. However, it is suggested that discretion be used!
  • Yvonne notified us about the upcoming Grand Final Australian Poetry Slam national final event coming up at the Grand Chancellor hotel on 28th November 2021. Tickets are only $5.00 on trybooking.com817155.
  • Madeline has suggested that when we read out our homework etc we stand to speak, as it is sometimes hard to hear when seated. Good idea!
  • Wendy asked that at our February meeting 2022, we organize a sub committee to review and update the SWWT constitution.
  • CHRISTMAS LUNCH/MEETING will be held at the Plough Inn, Brisbane St. (opposite the picture theatre). Details to follow. A secret Santa will be held. All welcome.

Meeting closed 11.50am.

Next meeting  December 6th 2021. Meeting at 9.30am – 11.30am then adjourn for lunch to the Plough Inn.

The first meeting for 2022 will be February 2nd at the usual time and place.



Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

Christmas lunch

When - December 6th 2021

Where - The Plough Inn, Brisbane St. (opposite the Picture Theatre)

Time  - to meet for 11.45am

Cost – menu can be found on their website

Bring – a gift to the value of $10.00 for a Secret Santa draw

RSVP – by November 30th. Email President Ruth Williams on sswtpresident@iinet.net.au




Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

Annual General Meeting 4.10.2021; Launceston Library Level 2 Room 1


Meeting opened 9.40am

Present Wendy Laing, Mary Farr, Liz Russell-Arnott, Annette Clark, Madeline Colem, Ruth Williams, Laura Sykes, Liz Dobell, Kathy Duff, Andrea Sindorff, Maria Webster, Yvonne Gluyas, Janet Berry

Apologies Penny Garnsworthy, Ros Sydes, Phillip Archer, Catherine Marshall, Robyn Mathison.

Minutes of the 2019-2020 AGM were read. Accepted Liz Russell-Arnott, 2nd Ruth Williams

President’s Report see attached

Treasurer’s report see attached

Business arising – none

Business for this meeting

  • There is a need to overview and update the SWWT constitution. Over the next 12 months, a sub committee will be formed to address this.
  • A formal letter to be sent to Robyn Mathison, thanking her for continuing to fill the position of Vice President South, for a number of years. However, it has been decided that from this AGM this position will be closed. Accepted by Yvonne Gluyas, 2nd Ruth Williams

Committee positions for 2021-2022

President declared the office bearers stand down, nomination of new office bearers to be completed.

New committee

  • President Ruth Williams; Accepted Wendy Laing, 2nd Laura Sykes
  • Vice President Liz Russell-Arnott; Accepted Wendy Laing, 2nd Mary Farr
  • Treasurer Ros Sydes; Accepted Kathy Duff, 2nd Mary Farr
  • Secretary Mary Farr; Accepted Ruth Williams, 2nd Andrea Sindorf
  • Membership Officer Kathy Duff; Accepted Wendy Laing, 2nd Mary Farr
  • Public Officer Ros Sydes; Accepted Liz Russell-Arnott, 2nd Yvonne Gluyas
  • Website/Facebook Editor Janet Berry; Accepted Wendy Laing, 2nd Yvonne Gluyas
  • Magazine ‘Stylus’/Events Co-Ordinator Wendy Laing; Accepted Annette Clark, 2nd Liz Russell-Arnott
  • Committee members Yvonne Gluyas; Annette Clark; Madeline Colem; Accepted Wendy Laing, 2nd Liz Russell Arnott

Meeting closed  10.05am. Next AGM to be held in October 2022.

See reports below:-


President’s Report AGM October 2021


Thankyou everyone today for attending the AGM 2021 meeting, your presence here is appreciated.

This year has been very positive in many ways. We have had new members at our meetings and our membership is on the rise again.

Our short story competition was successful and made a small profit.

I would like to thank my Vice-President, Liz Russell-Arnott. Knowing that someone with Liz’s experience would be in the chair if I had to miss a meeting, was a big help to me.

Huge thankyous also to our efficient Secretary Mary Farr and Ros Sydes who as Treasurer has kept us well and truly out of the red with a healthy bank balance.

Thankyou is also due to our Website and Facebook Administrator, Janet Berry for ensuring both sites were kept up to date and a big vote of thanks to Yvonne Gluyas, Catherine Marshall and Jane Waite for their support as committee members during the past year.

During my time as President, I have enjoyed chairing meetings chatting to old friends, and meeting new members. Listening to the different short stories read out at our meetings, is always a pleasure.

In closing I hope the incoming President Executive and Committee members will enjoy their time at the forefront of the Society of Women Writers of Tasmania.


Outgoing President 2020-2021, Wendy Laing


Treasurer’s report for 2020-2021

Our Commonwealth Bank account number 10168834 as at June 30th 2021, had a credit balance of $3,364.93.

Our TPT Wealth Investor number 41888500-1 account has a credit balance of $2,240.09.

SWWT transferred from a Fixed Term Deposit to an At Call Fund with TPT Wealth.

A surplus for the year of $1,133.00 was achieved. WE had an increased number of competition entries which helped contribute to this result.

2020-2021 Treasurer Ros Sydes.







Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

General Meeting 4/10/2021 Launceston Library Level 2 Room 1


General meeting


Meeting opened – 10.05 am

Present Wendy Laing; Mary Farr; Liz Russell-Arnott; Madeline Colem; Ruth Williams; Laura Sykes; Annette Clark; Liz Dobell; Kathy Duff; Andrea Sindorf; Maria Webster; Yvonne Gluyas; Janet Berry.

Apologies Penny Garnsworthy; Phillip Archer; Catherine Marshall; Ros Sydes

Homework This month it was entitled ‘Computers’. Some excellent entries were read out, and some submitted to our newsletter ‘Stylus’. Homework for next month is ‘Spirit’. Limit your entry to 750 words. Each reader to be allocated approx. 3 minutes. Thankyou, this is so all of our participants can have the opportunity to read their entries! If you cannot come to the meeting, you can still enter and someone will read it on your behalf.

Cuppa/raffle raffle won by Wendy Laing.

Guest Speaker Our guest speaker, Sharon Yaxley, spoke to us about her journey towards publishing her delightful, children’s books about the adventures of Theodore and Dunstan. Sharon has conducted many sessions at Tasmanian Schools, showing her books, to encourage pupils to read and imagine. Her illustrations and poetry create beautiful books (Sharon can be found on line, where you may buy them. Also sold locally). She also spoke about her process of self-publishing, illustrating, promoting and selling books, which resonated with many of the SWWT members. Thankyou Sharon for an informative and delightful talk.

Other business -  Long-time member of SWWT, Liz Russell-Arnott, told us of her upcoming Award. For many years Liz has been involved with the Churchill Fellowship Grants (a recipient herself). Her constant involvement in the Arts, and her use of re-purposing materials to create her art, has rewarded her with an Award, to be shortly received. We offer Liz our congratulations!

Meeting closed 11.50am.

Next meeting - November 8th Monday, same venue.




Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

Meeting minutes for 2.8.2021

Present Mary Farr; Wendy Laing; Philip Archer; Ros Sydes; Kathy Duff; Catherine Marshall; Andrea Sindorff; Maria Webster; Annette Clark; Laura Sykes; Yvonne Gluyas

Apologies Ruth Williams; Penny Garnsworthy; Madeline Colam

Meeting began 9.50am, arrivals completed the ‘Settling in’ exercise.

l  Mary to send Loretta McCarthy a letter of thanks for being a member for so many years. Loretta has decided not to renew her membership, as living in WA doesn’t permit active participation.

l  Sally Odgers has agreed to be the SWWT’s patron. We all welcome Sally.

l  The committee are to look into changing our title to Society of Writers of Tasmania (SWT), to allow for male membership.

l  Homework ‘Convicts’ was read, some very interesting pieces. Next month’s topic is ‘Water’

l  Raffle won by Catherine.

l  Poetry competition is still open to entries. Send to Wendy at wendylaing02@gmail.com  A reminder that the theme is ‘New Beginnings’.

l  The Short Story competition was finalized, with Sally Ogden choosing 2 of the stories in a tie for first prize. They were ‘Annie’ and ‘Shedding the Chrysalis’.

l  The AGM has been chosen for Monday 4th October. Leading up to this the correct protocol will be followed and nominations etc delivered to all members.

l  Yvonne told us about up coming poetry events. If you need reminding or to find out what’s going on, please contact her on 0413321834

l  Wendy took us through a very interesting exercise based on writing using the rules of ‘Dialogue.’

l  At the next meeting anyone with a published novel is encouraged to bring it/them for display and/or sales.

l  We finished by Mary and Annette reading out loud the 2 winning short stories.

Meeting finished 12.05

Next meeting  Monday 6th September at the Library. This will be followed by a Committee meeting.



Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

General meeting held at the Launceston Library  5.7.2021

General Meeting

Opened - 9.40am

Present Mary Farr, Ros Sydes, Wendy Laing, Ruth Williams, Liz Russell Arnott, Janet Berry, Kathy Duff, Madeline Colam, Annette Clark, Andrea Sindorff, Liz Dobell, Laura Sykes, Philip Archer, Yvonne Gluyas

Apologies Catherine Marshall, Robyn Mathison.

General Business

l  The coming Poetry competition is open. Cost is $10.00 for upwards of two poetry entries. Closes 31st October. 

l  The Short Story competition is closed and judging will begin soon. Sally Odgers will be invited to judge the finalists again this year.

l  Wendy has finished archiving 35 years of SWWT paperwork and meeting minutes etc. She will hold them at her home. Anyone who wishes to view or borrow them is welcome.  If Wendy is unable to keep them, they will be passed on to the Secretary at that time.

l   Homework titled ‘Winter’ was read out. Next month’s topic is ‘Convicts’.

l  A ‘round robin’ had everyone introduce themselves; their reason for coming and their love of writing/what they write; Our guest, Philip Archer, was given the advice he sought - how to write his memoirs and where was there a writing group he could attend?

l  Raffle was won by Yvonne Gluyas

l  A quick exercise on use of dialogue in writing was completed in record time! Thanks Wendy.

Meeting closed 11.30am.

Next meeting - 2.8.2021

Committee meeting

Present - Mary Farr, Wendy Laing, Ros Sydes, Kathy Duff, Madeline Colam, Annette Clark, Liz Russell-Arnott, Andrea Sindorff, Liz Dobell, Laura Sykes.

Apologies Catherine Marshall, Robyn Mathison

Minutes of last meeting read. Accepted Robyn, 2nd Annette


Business Arising

l  Completed archives to be kept at Wendy’s home. If this becomes impossible they are to be given to the Secretary for safe keeping. If there are any other donations for the archives please give them to Wendy.

l  The position of Patron for the SWWT is now vacant. Wendy read the duties of a Patron to us, and after discussion, a unanimous vote from members, suggested Sally Odger be offered the position. It was also passed that in the future, Patrons will only hold the position for 2 years - suggested by Janet Berry. New patron to be welcomed at the coming AGM.

President’s report Short Story competition has closed; Poetry competition has opened; Judging for the short stories will begin; Patron’s duties read out. To reiterate - Sally Odgers be invited to accept position of Patron - Mary to write letter, also to ask Sally to judge the Rose Francombe Short Story competition finalists.

Treasurer’s report  See copies on file. Commonwealth Bank Account holds $2,868.93; SWWT investment monies of $2,240.09, have been reinvested with  TPT Wealth. Accepted by Robyn, 2nd by Liz

Membership report we have 43 current members. Annual membership fees now due.

Secretary report One outgoing letter to previous Patron, Kate Warner, thanking her for her patronage; Incoming email from member Jacqueline Lonsdale-Ceurton, checking in!; Incoming email from Rachel Edwards seeking info re SWWT for a coming radio interview.

Competition Co-ordinator see under President’s report. Wendy explained the origins of both Short Story and Poetry comps.

General Business

l  Mary to send new members/attendees copy of latest Stylus.

l  Mary to send to Wendy names etc of new members/attendees.

l   Need to update all members information eg address/phone etc

l  A SWWT anthology would be great, but cost approx $3,000. It will have to wait.

l  Kathy updated birthday dates to celebrate at coming meetings etc.

l  We were asked to recognise NADOC week, by Liz. 

 Meeting closed 12.00 noon. Thanks Janet for photos taken of our lovely large group - see on our facebook page.

Next meeting 2/8/2021




Society of Women Writers of Tasmania

Meeting held at the Launceston Library 7/6/2021

(Note amended minutes - thanks Ros so much for taking minutes in my absence)

Meeting opened 9.45am

Present - Wendy Laing; Ros Sydes; Catherine Marshall; Ruth Williams; Madeline Colam; Annette Clark.

Apologies - Mary Farr; Robyn Mathison; Kathy Duff; Janet Berry.

Homework - ‘New Beginnings’. Read out and comments shared. Homework for next meeting - ‘Winter’ 750 words

Discussions -

l  We welcome 2 new members to our group - Madeline Colam and Annette Clark. There has been one other inquiry, who sent an apology for this meet, but will hopefully attend the next.

l  Wendy is organising 32 years of archives, that were held by Rose Francombe over her years as a member/committee member. Ros has helped Wendy, remembering when Workshops were run and magazines were mailed out to members. The original newsletter was called Styl-us, now called Stylus.

l  Catherine Marshall said she has received the proof copy of the third book in her Trilogy called ‘Ten Thousand Miles’. She also advised that the Australian Writers Centre, Sydney offers good courses. When you register you also receive free access to audio files and printouts for one year. Catherine is enrolled in one called Structure.

l  Wendy advised that out patron Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner resigned as the Governor of Tasmania this month. We will now need a new patron. Members are encouraged to think about who would be suitable. It would be nice to have someone involved with SWWT. Suggestions - Sally Odgers; Marilyn Arnold; Yvonne Gluyas; life member Robyn Mathison (all inaugural members); Jane Waite.

Meeting closed 12.00noon.

Next meeting July 5th 2021


















Laura 29.06.2021 08:02

Hello. I'm keen to come along to your next meeting on the 5th July.
With thanks Laura.

Catherine Smith 22.11.2018 02:08

Hello Trish and Claire, my name is Catherine and I am also keen to meet other women in the Hobart area who write. Have you organized any times to get together?

swwtas@gmail.com 26.09.2018 13:29

Hi, Claire. No SWWT meetings in Hobart but women writers do meet regularly. Look up Robyn Mathison on our committee list and contact her for more info... Cheers

Claire 26.09.2018 08:23

Hi there
I'm based in Hobart and keen to meet other women who are writing.
Is there a meeting coming up in Hobart?

Trish McGuire 16.10.2018 00:49

Hi Claire,
I am based in Hobart and looking at forming Hobart meetings where people can share works and ideas face to face!
Love to hear from you! Trish

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